There Are Seniors Job Opportunities Behind Almost Every Rock

Yes! Most seniors job opportunities are actually hunkered down behind many business bushes.

No, they don't have tags identifying them for being what they are. But they really exist, they are there, and they might just fit you like the proverbial kid glove.

But, it will take some effort on your part, a little research, a tad bit of creativity and a smidgen of moxie.

Moxie, by the way is street short-hand for nerve.

Let's cover a list of basic tenets to use in creating a battle plan to find seniors job opportunities.

First, we'll flesh out the primary step. What kind of job do you really want?

On the surface, it may seem like a pretty simple question to answer. Money, schedule, location, but these are surface answers for any old job out there.

What do you really want to do, what skills, talents and training do you honestly and truly have right now?

Put on your thinking cap. We're talking about your life right now and planning how you intend to spend some of your precious future.

This is important stuff and worthy of your complete concentration, not only now, but until you accomplish your job goal.

Ask yourself, do you want to do brain surgery? How about building a space transport? Want to scrape paint off a commercial building?

Would you like to work in a retail shop, what kind? Do you want to write ads for major corporations?

There are no limits to your options. Seniors job opportunities are all around you. The skies the limit. The only fences you face are the ones you erect around your dreams.

Don't settle for any old position just because you come across it in a local newspaper's classified section.

Do you want to work in a local retail store for example. Let's move forward with this idea. What kind of store? How about one that sells office supplies?

What kind of supplies? How about electronic stuff, computers, big wall size TV screens?

Have you ever done this kind of work before? The self interrogations would be the same if you wanted to work in a nearby clothing shop or auto parts store.

The important thing is it's the type of work you want to do and the business you picked to do it for.

Take out a notebook now and make a list of all the jobs you've had over the sixty years or more you have spent on this planet.

Next, match up every type of work you've done with the skills and training you needed to perform that necessary work. Which job did you like the best and why?

When you've completed the work list, fill out another list of all the hobbies you've had over the years and write all the skills you needed to do it to your personal satisfaction.

You don't think it took much effort and acquired skills to fish for bass on a river, or rebuild a car, or grow exotic roses out back, or to have a garage sale?

If you're a senior citizen and you've lived sixty years or more to qualify for the title, you have acquired the training and skills necessary to excel at almost all the seniors job on the planet. Go for what you want to do and settle for nothing less.