Pets Are Virtual People!

Pets are our companions! Our friends!

Whether they’re dogs or cats or any of a thousand other creatures we bring into our homes, they share our lives with us.

They faithfully stand beside us no matter what the world throws at us. They reward us with their trust and affection.

We give them personal names. We dub them Fido, Butch, Fluffy, Mitzi or any of a myriad other appellations.

The amazing fact is that we create entire personalities around the names we award them with.

In our minds they are people just like us!

Butch may in fact be just a tiny Yorkshire Terrier dog, but he’s a tough little dude who bullies and bluffs his way through life.

Mitzi is a regal, white Persian cat, who even though she considers herself a queen, she grants you the privilege of caring for all of her personal needs.

They get hair all over the furniture and on your best suit or dress. You find fur balls under the dining room table just as dinner guests ring the front door bell.

At ten o:clock on a rainy Friday night, Fido scratches at the door to announce he wants, and needs, to go outside.

Why do we share our lives with pets and put up with their many and sometimes irritating habits?

The answer is simple…because we need them in our personal worlds to make life bearable.

Are you a senior parent with a home now devoid of young voices and excitement? Have your children moved on to their own worlds and you don't see them as often as you would like to?

Do you crawl out of bed each morning and wonder how you will fill the hours until the end of the new day?

Do you look forward to the air conditioning unit turning on and off to break the endless silence of an empty house?

Scientific research over the years has revealed some surprising revelations about the very real partnership that exists between humans and their live in pets.

Medical science has shown that a true symbiotic relationship develops in an owner and pet equation.

The pet and the owner share a mutual need for each other and both profit from the arrangement.

A person’s physical and mental health show marked improvement if a pet lives in the household.

Lonliness dissolves and pet owners display increasing vigor and contentment with the companionship of a pet. Dogs and cats were the pets most often involved in the medical surveys.

The research revealed that people felt needed by the pet and were forced to develop a schedule for providing for the animals’ welfare.

This mutual reliance helped both men and women pet owners to become more enthused for their own personal welfare. In the final analysis, the humans felt more needed and valuable as individuals.

Because of the contentment factor enjoyed by the pet owners, significant physical improvements were often their reward as well.

The next time you pass your pet dog or cat, reach down and give them an extra pat on the head, or perhaps an added treat for dinner. Why? Just for them being there!