Jobs For Retirees.

Is there a list somewhere of jobs for retirees, and can seniors acquire a copy?

The considered and complete answer to that question is a resounding no!

As a senior retiree, you are completely on your own to identify what job, out of all the jobs for retirees you have ever heard of, that you qualify for or even want.

However, there are legions of agencies, employee service groups, and retirement organizations that can assist you in your search.

But only you can picture in your mind the type of work and rewards you truly want to claim as your own.

As a senior, there are undoubtedly many kinds of jobs you would not even walk across the street to apply for.

But there are also some jobs you would skip across a field of sharp stones barefoot to get in line for.

The logical answer to your question is you should begin your search effort from the anticipated final result backward to where you stand at this moment in time.

Follow this model action then. As a retiree, you no doubt held down employment for the better part of your life.

A recent survey of employees spread across a wide spectrum of businesses, found that more than half of them were not satisfied, or were even downright unhappy at their jobs.

That is a stunning result.

Regardless of the line of work you were involved in, now is your opportunity to do what you would like to work at.

Do not look at your desire, or need, to get employment as a tortuous effort.

Think of it as a fulfilling culmination of your life's employment experience. Now is the time for you to work at the type of job you daydreamed about much of your life.

This is not pie in the sky wishful thinking! This is the real thing.

Be optimistic and go for the brass ring. It will take time to build and write your resume and compile your own personal list of prospective employers.

Call it instead an action story of your employment travels instead of a resume.

You have skills and talents molded by years of endeavor. View them as such.

You will not be going to prospective employers with your hat in your hand. You have unique training and skills cultivated during your lifetime of work.

Jobs for retirees are in no way a dime a dozen. But they do actually exist!

Often prospective employers cannot even identify the fact that older and skilled employees would solve many of their labor difficulties.

This fact is to your advantage! Select the companies you would like to work for and do some homework on them. Then work up a resume that will define how you can benefit the firm with your background.

Br creative in your approach, but in no way play fast and loose with the truth. If your homework demonstrates to you that you actually can't benefit a prospective employer...move on to the next one on your list.

Your resume will briefly tell who you worked for and what positive results took place at the business during your tenure.

A word of advice. When you are committing your resume to paper, say nothing detrimental about previous employers. Make it an optimistic action story relating to your career.

Did a previous employer's business grow while you were there? Describe it. Mention facts and dollar amounts of the increase. Do not make false assertions of your part in the growth. Simply make it a point of fact.

Let your optimistic viewpoint come marching on through the resume. You valued the experience there and your presence provided value as well.

There are many jobs for retirees out in the workplace. Not all of them are obvious at first sight, but a little digging will through some light on the possibilities. It may take you a while to find the perfect fit for your goal. But it will happen if you stay the course and look for them.

Don't give up!