Employment For Seniors Can Be The Door To A Golden Future!

Employment for seniors can be their magic path to a golden tomorrow!

Are you 50 years of age or older, and are you trying to land a meaningful job?

If you are, where have you been campaigning to find good senior jobs? We are talking solid, regular, well paying jobs for senior citizens now! Not just a means to fill time and while away your hours.

I really hate to bring this up, but there is actually no mystery as to where to begin a senior job search. The jumping off place to inaugurate a sound campaign for employment is none other than the daily newspaper.

There is an important proviso though. Begin your campaign for a job with the month old classified ads in the local newspaper.

Don't throw up your hands in exasperation. Just think about the rationale of doing this.

Do you know how many employment ads are actually answered, and the number of positions advertised that were filled? We would only be guessing at real numbers, but employment managers have written that most are filled.

But believe it or not, they were not filled with the quality of new hires the company was seeking.

Some of the ads are pulled in a few weeks because not many capable individuals responded.

Are you beginning to see the employment for seniors possibilities opening up for you.

How much competition do you think you are going to have searching through old classified ads. Here is the answer to that question. Very little, or none!

Whatever your motivation to find work is, welcome to a labor market seemingly tilted against employment for seniors.

The world is a mess, and is in a scary economic muddle the likes of which we all grit our teeth about every day.

It's kind of reminiscent of the great depression of the last century that had a world war thrown in for good measure.

It was a scary time! Sound familiar?

So we all rolled up our sleeves back then, went to work and got through it. It was sort of nip and tuck for awhile, something like our present economy and world today.

But we hung in there and plugged on through. Finally, life tossed in the towel and rewarded our persistence with an unprecedented era of prosperity and development.

As senior citizens, that dire situation taught us a lot about the real value of our own seniors life today.

So take heart! Golden opportunities now abound for senior job seekers and the ball is in their court. There's great news for you and dire warnings for all the critics.

Maybe we can't bench press a thousand pound barbell, or sprint a mile in four minutes flat. But, you know what? Most younger people can't do any of that stuff either.

Seniors however, are loaded with qualities that are in very great need today by both the business marketplace and society in general.

Have you brought out your long time dream job? Don't lower your expectations! Be honest. Put a name and pedigree on the job you only daydreamed about over the years.

It may be lurking just around the corner of your mind...but it is there.

Run it down, bring it out into the daylight, and decide on it. The seniors job market is a huge playing field.

Newspapers trumpet headlines about seniors unable to get even minimum pay jobs. Employment fairs advertise work for anyone breathing, but they're generally low paying $10-$12 openings.

The young people staffing the application desks at these fairs seem to be mentally jotting down your age when you ask for a sign up sheet.

Millions of people have lost their jobs in the current economic recession, and many of those positions are gone for good. Some companies have even erased their jobs away forever.

But do you know what you as a senior bring to the employment marketplace that tilts the playing field in your favor?

Your eventful life is bursting at the seams with qualities that will make you stand out in any crowd of job seekers.

For starters, you have years of experience! Not just standing around experience, or book learning.

You have been in the game of living for a very long time and you have the skills and developed talents to prove it.

You have a mature work ethic that is sorely needed in the world of commerce today.

When you began your work life, you learned the necessity for doing whatever was needed to get any job done, and do it until it got done.

If you are seeking employment now, as many senior citizens are doing today, you will find yourself in a unique position.


Because contrary to present appearances, The United States is on the brink of an incredible labor shortage. Well respected economists predict a huge labor shortage that is making itself felt even at this moment in time.

How big a labor shortfall is looming on the horizon? Some estimates run as high as 10 million unfilled positions within a very few years.

Millions of senior employees are rapidly nearing retirement. At the same time fewer and fewer younger people are coming of age to fill the vacuum.

Many astute business executives of today are growing keenly aware of the worker shortfall on the horizon.

Even Congress is now taking notice of the coming labor shortage.

Legislation is being discussed now to provide tax credits to companies opening up flexible employment for seniors work schedules for people 62 years of age or older.

The icing on the cake is that health and pension benefits will be included.

As an individual seeking senior employment, with a little homework, preparation and a small dash of creativity, you can get excellent work for yourself right now.

Don't be surprised at all the opportunities out there.

You'll discover that there are a lot of options for you to choose from...more than you ever dreamed of. You won't have to settle for just any old job that's offered.

Over the years, you have undoubtedly picked up information on companies and individuals you would work for in a minute if you could. Now is your time! Make a list of all the ads in the old and current newspapers that match up with what you want to do.

Remember! We're talking about your future. Don't undersell yourself.

Take out a piece of paper right now and begin jotting down a list of jobs you'd like to have, and please underline the word like. Along with it, write out your work experience and what you want to do.

If you're a senior employment seeker, then you've earned a lot of experience in many different areas over the years. Don't forget to put in your hobbies too! You'd be surprised at what things like fishing and bowling can add to your job description.

And this is a campaign just as important as any campaign waged by the general of an army.

Be conversational in your resume. Don't write it like you would an accounting spread sheet.

Do you like reading about sports and politics? Add those to the mix too!

Now, when you've finished the list decide what type of jobs you'd like to have. No matter how far afield from what you've worked at in the past.

Meditate about it until you come up with several possibilities. And remember, the sky's the limit.

When you've decided on a few jobs you'd be happy doing, research the businesses that offer senior employment. Then call them and get the names of the managers that do the hiring.

Finally, make out a brief resume of your work history. Compose a short, single page cover letter. Make it brief, and don't just rehash the things you listed in your resume.

On the cover letter, itemize what you've done to warrant hiring you for the position you want.

Where will you find the month old newspapers? You probably won't locate the actual ads in print on paper. People and newspapers do not keep print copies laying around. But you live in an electronic era.

Newspapers keep morgues for old papers on computer files. You will probably find the month old classified ads on your own computer, listed in the publishers website.

Be truthful, but tell them what you can do to fulfill the job's bottom line. You'll be surprised. Because the cover letter is often the deciding factor in approving employment for seniors.

When you've finished, make a personal visit to the business and ask to see the hiring manager. It's a good idea to call first and make an appointment if possible. But don't hesitate to make an unannounced visit if needed though.

Whatever the outcome of the meeting, leave a copy of your resume and cover letter. Within the next three days, if you haven't heard back from the hiring manager, call on the phone and ask for him/her. The follow up phone call will demonstrate your desire for the job.

The actual doing of all this will take some time. But many seniors are finding this the path to excellent jobs. Most personnel specialists agree that this course of action is one of the most effective methods to acquire employment for seniors.

Even if the company isn't advertising an opening, it can often lead to a job in an anticipated opening in the future.

So, don't figure the only job you can get is flipping burgers or packing groceries. You have talents and experience that companies are hungry for now, and you're valuable.

As a person seeking senior employment, you also come equipped with an old fashioned work ethic not in over abundance in today's workplace.

Select the type of work you want to do! Be assured, the national and local labor markets now realize a very important fact.

They know that seniors applying for employment bring with them a bonus for any company hiring them. The bonus is experience, talent and knowledge. Go for it.