Senior Shopping On The Internet Calls For Caution!

If you’re a senior shopping on the internet learn the caution signs! Cyberspace is a wonderland of products, services and sites to explore and sample.

But keep in mind it is also a segment of the very real world we live in every day. This being the case it should move us to shield ourselves from some of its unsavory inhabitants.

No matter how gorgeous the website you come across, no matter how charming the words, no matter how tempting the financial savings and rewards…

Keep your guard up!

Here are some guidelines to follow while you safari through the internet world.

• Never, ever give out your social security number easily on the computer. Sometimes it is necessary to make credit purchases, but always make certain you’re on a secure site.

And make sure it’s required to complete a transaction and not just an incidental question by the merchant and isn’t really needed. Keep in mind the words “identity theft!” The F.B.I. warns us it is a very real threat…and it is.

• Don’t write down your email address on every site that asks for it. When you do, you’re giving whomever asks for it the permission to email you at will. Some senior shoppers do that and are surprised their inboxes become constantly filled with advertisements and requests.

When you’re filling out a form, or order, on a website be careful before you begin checking boxes for information and catalogs. You may be opening yourself up to a continuous train of flyers and ads.

• Internet purchasing thrives on credit card numbers. But sometimes it is also in view of the predators who lurk in the shadows of cyberspace. There is indeed an entire subculture of individuals termed “hackers.”

Law enforcement professionals tell us these “hackers” have developed a growing menu of nefarious tricks to interject themselves into our credit card accounts. They love to prey on seniors shopping on the internet.

Be hesitant to give out a card number. And if you must, make certain you’re doing it on a secure sight. Look for a small logo of a lock on the site. It should be there somewhere. It will indicate the website is protected from hackers.

The internet is a great opportunity for senior shopping. But it should always be done carefully. Just imagine, you have instantaneous access to the showrooms of some of the greatest merchandisers on the planet.

When you come across a good merchant, treasure them. What’s a good merchant? They should demonstrate to us their reliability on both product, service and delivery. Promises too often prove to be nothing more than air filled balloons.

Internet shopping requires we be attentive to all the features and guarantees surrounding any product we’re interested in buying. We should know what the customer service department will do for us.

Know the financial protection guaranteed by the credit card company we intend to use. What is the time limit that comes into play that allows you to reclaim the moneys to be spent on the purchase through your credit card.

Senior shopping on the internet can be both fun, and profitable. Whichever one it is lies within your actions.