A Seniors Computer Can Be Their Magic Carpet!

Computers bring to seniors the wonders of the entire world. Are you a senior or a boomer? Do you want to visit Australia and pet a koala?

Have you always wanted to study the nesting habits of sea turtles in Florida and watch them deposit their eggs. Maybe you want to tour the ancient coliseum in Rome. Would you like to know if Begonias will grow in your back yard?

Your trusty computer can provide the vehicle to satisfy your desires and you don’t even have to leave the house. Punch a few buttons on its keyboard, buckle your seat belt, and get ready for the beginning of an adventure.

A lot of seniors though are actually terrified of computers. You’ve probably heard their excuses more times than you care to count. “I’m too old for a computer!” “Computers are for young people!” “I’m computer illiterate!”

The last protestation is the strangest. It implies they lack the ability to master operating a computer. They’ve conveniently forgotten they were really illiterate when they entered kindergarten and couldn’t read a word.

If you’re a senior, and you want to experience this technological magic carpet, then do it! No matter how thick headed you think you are, learning how to master the operation of a computer is within your reach.

You only have to make two decisions.

1. Obtain a computer. This is relatively easy to do. Computers are for sale everywhere. But before you choose one to buy. Determine what you intend to use it for. Most seniors want a computer simply to look up things on the internet like ads, or keep tabs on household bills to pay. If this is your determining factor, then perhaps a relatively inexpensive PC will be the way for you to go.

2. How do you learn how to make your brand new computer do its wonderful tricks. Don’t go out and hire someone to come into your home and teach you the intricacies of computerhood. Get any one of the hundreds of simple to understand books on the market for the care and feeding of computers. One of the best is the “Computer for Dummies” series.

Then read the book and practice. Play with your marvelous new tool. Because it actually is a tool. You can do all sorts of wonderous things with it.

You can balance your checkbook or locate the greatest bargains in the world for just about everything that comes to mind. You can look up the name and breed of Julius Caesar’s dog. Did you know he had a pet dog? Look it up! You’ll be surprised what you find.

A word of caution! Don’t fall victim to the tidal wave of emails that will inundate your new email account when you open one. Stay focused on the reasons you purchased a computer in the first place.

If you are a boomer or a senior, your computer can be the magic carpet that will transport you to any part of the universe you select. It can teach you the knowledge of the world. Treasure it, but use it and don’t allow it to use you!