How To Find Senior Job Opportunities.

Where have all the senior job opportunities gone? The answer to this question is easy, jobs for older workers are still out there.

In fact, they abound. They are just as prevalent as they have always been.

Maybe we should really be asking where have all the seekers of senior job opportunities gone. The answer to this question is a little more complicated.

As the national economy plummeted downward recently, so did the seniors employment figures.

It's only natural that fear swept the land as the media hammered on the widening theme that millions of people were being stripped of their livelihoods.

Senior citizens hunkered down and made every attempt to keep a low profile and protect what already belonged to them.

If you're searching for senior job opportunities, put out of your head that your best days are behind you.

Don't for a minute think that every employer on earth is looking for only strong, ungrayed, highly educated younger people to hire.

You may not be able to bench press a barbell weighing a thousand pounds, or type a hundred fifty words a minute into a word processor.

But I guarantee you probably have more in your work resume than many that can perform the above acts have in theirs.

Take out your notebook and grab a pen. Let's take a look at what you have to offer an employer.

First of all, keep in mind that a work resume is not simply a history outline of what you did during your life to put bread on the table and support a family.

It's an action adventure story on how you endured more than fifty years of hand to hand combat in life and came out victorious.

List your jobs certainly, but don't just give work titles. Describe how your employers prospered by your accomplishments on board.

Tell how much you liked the work, all the jobs, even the supervisor, and appreciated the company.

If the business grew and prospered while you were there, give some dollar figures on growth and how much you helped the company prosper.

How about your hobbies? Do you like fishing? Mention it. Do you bowl? Talk about it.

Use action and emotional words and phrases. You're human, and a professional, show it.

Look for the kind of employment that you personally want. Seek out companies you like.

Read the job want ads in the local newspapers, and apply for work that was advertised a month ago and is no longer being advertised currently.

Many advertisers just pull their ads because they haven't filled them yet and have given up hope.

As a senior, you offer prospective employers some qualities that are in short supply these days. To name a few attributes they're looking for, dependability ranks high.

Employers want someone who is going to be punctual and constant in their attendance. As a senior, you come from a past time that taught qualities of work that are somewhat muted today. Emphasize them in your job seeking.

Senior job opportunities are out there. Believe that your experiences and skills are of great real and intrinsic value.

And don't ever give up the hunt for the right job until it is in your hand and you hear the statement loud and clear..."you're hired."