How To Find Senior Job Openings!

Senior job openings are out there, but not one of them is going to beat a path to where you're sitting and bite your hand to get your attention.

You have to take three initial steps to get your own personal job for seniors.

1. Decide the nature of the job you want!

2. Make out a list of potential employers!

3. Begin your search and let nothing discourage or stop you!

Does it sound too simple? You're right! Getting what you want is actually simple...but it is far from easy!

Have you staked out a claim yet on the dream job for seniors you have always fantasized about...or are you still trying to wrap your mind around the identity of it

Do you have a nagging feeling in the pit of the stomache that the boat that's chuck full of your senior job openings has already left the dock?

If your answer is yes, then step up and join that large crowd of retirees that are looking for jobs for senior citizens and are having little or no success doing so.

Part of the problem is all the negative information bombarding them from the daily media.

Keep in mind that senior job openings are not designed and developed by a White House think tank whose aim is to infuse life into a comatose employment market place.

You must have a clear picture in your mind of the specific type of work you want to do.

The rationale for employing senior citizens sprang full blown into existence because of the very real need of businesses, both large and small.

Employers suddenly awakened to the real value of seniors inherent abilities.

You don't think you have any such inherent things? I've got a piece of news for you...not only do you have them, you've got them by the bushel load.

If you are a senior citizen, then you have lived for more than fifty five years on this planet. And during that time you've observed, listened to, and experienced a veritable lifetime of events.

You've had a job, or jobs, that taught you many skills and talents required to perform them properly. You probably had to develop a variety of so-called shortcuts yourself to get the work done completely.

Don't for a minute think that you have forgotten most of the above things. The mind is an amazing, and categorized retainer of every prod that ever brought about a reaction from your five senses.

You've got a wealth of inherent skills and talents that your life fed into your brain whether you wanted it to or not.

I guess we could call it spontaneous combustion. Whew! What a mouthful.

Remember back in your high school science class when Miss Jones hammered into your head what happens when a flame and dry tinder are brought into close proximity?

More often than not a bonfire breaks out!

That is exactly what happened in the labor market. Businesses reduced their working staffs to cut overhead and maintain profit flow.

That is a perfectly reasonable action by any business because of the faltering economy. Think about it, if you can not make money, why in the world stay in business.

Business managers looked around their facilities and the multitudes of employees that made it operate and decisions were made.

The levels of business could not afford so many workers. Many were terminated and many more left while the recession rumbled on.

That was the flame we learned about in science class.

The problem with shrinking your employee staff is a basic one. Some one still has to produce product, and operate internal systems within the business.

Out of need, employers forced employees into multi-tasking. By definition, they were encouraged to perform numerous jobs at the same time. That became the tinder we were told about in school.

However, the prevailing culture in the modern workplace leaned toward specializing.

Many employees in many operations were true specialists in their segment of the business.

Multi-tasking slammed into reality and employers found themselves backed into a corner. They were forced to push smaller staffs into more varieties of tasks. Not a very easy excercise.

Behold, the bonfire began! Thank you Miss jones.

The work culture of senior citizens is constructed on versatility. In other words, just do what it takes to get the present task done.

Employers woke up to that fact and job openings for older employees began to dot the modern day employment marketplace.

The synonym for that old fashioned work ethic translated into modern day jargon and is called multi-tasking.

The versatility and innovative thinking that were the hallmarks of working days gone by are now once again sweeping through the economy.

Grandma and grandpa came out of the rocking chairs and strode down off the front porch and into the work place once again.

As far as senior citizens are concerned, the work place has come full circle. The experience and skills they honed through years of doing, are now in the mix of modern business.

The versatility and innovative thinking that were the hallmarks of their working years are now once again sweeping through the economy!

In the recent past, part and parcel of hiring one to draw a paycheck from a business also included close scrutiny of benefits provided too.

Part of a seniors appeal to a prospective employer is enhanced by most individuals already having self provided benefits, such as medical coverage.

You can salute medicare for that gift.

Keep in mind, despite the shortage of jobs today caused by the recent recession, there are still abundant opportunities of work for seniors.

The available employment may not fit precisely into the mold of work of the past, but they are jobs making real paychecks, working for real businesses.

You will have to do your homework with imagination, but it will bear fruit if you persist. You have to realize that you must market yourself just the same as anyone in business would selling a product.

Your first step in the job hunt is to decide on the work you really want to do. That's right! Your idea of the job you want is important.

And above all else, don't sell yourself short! Go after the type of employment you truly want to have.

Pull your dream job out of your imagination and memory and picture it and roll it around in your mind.

Then make a list of the specific employers you want to approach for work. Keep in mind that many seniors have found it a good idea to package themselves as a part time employee to a business.

Many part time jobs develop into full time employment in no time. This part time approach appeals to many employers. It fills a present work need they have, but allows them wiggle room not to hire full time for the time being.

Keep in mind though, you will not find employers in this position placing ads in the newspapers. Study the local business news and use your imagination and nerve to get an interview.

Key to this are your talents and your work experience. But don't put together a resume that resembles a store shopping list.

Be conversational as you write about your past experience, make it interesting, but brief.

Remember, you are marketing the business of YOU! Be persistent and you will get offers in time.

If you are a senior citizen, there are employers out there that are in great need of your services. However, they may not even realize it themselves.

And they will not come marching up to your door seeking you!

The chore of bringing the two of you together will fall entirely on your shoulders.

You have to make the decision about what kind of work you want. Decide the job you have always wanted for yourselfwork , and go for it!

Watch the news, read the newspapers and be creative in your thinking.

Simply because you are getting Social Security and Medicare does not mean work life is over for you.

Look at it as just another milestone in the ongoing action story called your life. Keep adding pages to the tale.

Senior job openings are out there, and all you have to do to get one for yourself, is reach for it.