Senior Jobs Are Best When Grown At Home!

Once upon a time, senior jobs were restricted to tending the flower bed behind the house. Or maybe minding the grand children while their parents went out for the night. But…oh how things and times have changed! Do you know why senior jobs are now becoming a synonym for retirement jobs? Here’s a few scary reasons why…

1.The rock solid, dependable retirement pension from many companies worked at for decades is now shrinking down to a dot at the end of a sentence.

2.Social Security, once the mainstay of retirees, is now being eyed by a generation of young politicians as an over ripe candidate for cutting and decreasing the national budget.

3.Inflation, always the many headed predator of seniors, is once again stalking through the countryside.

If you’re now in your fifties or sixties, or beyond, let’s put our heads together and talk some facts. You’re no doubt fully aware of your shrinking retirement income that’s harnessed to a rising cost of living…so what are your options?

You may have a nice little nest egg rooming at a bank. Good! But you certainly don’t want to deplete it by having to draw on it every month to meet your ongoing bills. And you will probably have to tap into it because of any shortfalls in your monthly income.

I know that the first thing that enters your mind is getting yourself a job for a while.

Good idea! But have you heard that the share of adults who are gainfully employed in the workplace stands at only 61.8 percent. That’s the lowest level in fifteen years.

Along with that figure is the fact that fifteen years ago fewer women were in the labor force. To top it all off, the percentage of adult men with jobs, has fallen to the lowest level since the Labor Department started keeping records in 1948. Okay!

Let’s recap what we’re talking about.

1.You’re a senior in your fifties, sixties, seventies or beyond and your total monthly income is falling.

2.Your expenses each month are increasing because of several factors, like inflation or rising medical costs.

3.The national economy is in an amazing free fall, all the while the government is trying to stop the decline with a massive outlay of money.

4.Rapidly rising unemployment will impede any attempts you make to get yourself a full time, or part time, job.Okay, okay! So much for the blanket of negatives.

The curious truth of the matter is…you are actually standing in an extremely fortunate position. Let me show you why I say that!

Let’s look at the pluses in your world.

During your life you’ve learned and acquired skills that make you unique. For many years you got up each morning. And for the entire day you were confronted with a myriad of situations that you dealt with, and succeeded at, no matter the complexity of the event.

You were victorious, and you finished each day more skilled and competent than you began it. You’ve learned information and reasoned your way through many situations successfully.

Summing it all up, you are an expert at living life and fully skilled and competent at almost every aspect of it. On top of all that, you’re experienced at everything life has thrown at you.

You’re an experienced survivor of everyday living and that my friend, is far more superior than courses many colleges award diplomas for.

The present day financial situation is just another hurdle for you to overcome and take in your stride.

It may be near impossible for you to get a senior job outside of your home…but what about working at home. If you have a computer in your house, you have worldwide opportunities available to you that would flabbergast you.

There are seniors, and pre-seniors, that are right now earning excellent incomes working in their bedrooms, or on the kitchen table. And their doing it in only a few hours a day.

Please don’t throw up your hands and exclaim you don’t know anything about computers. You didn’t know how to read and write either, until you went to kindergarten a long time ago.

The internet is a wondrous world of interesting things and filled with senior jobs needing people like you. A home based business may be the perfect answer to your existing problems.

The economic landscape awaiting all seniors today is rapidly becoming the “brave new world” of song, legend and fable.

Adapt to the new ways, think about starting a home based business, all you will need is a little change in outlook and a smidgen of self confidence.