Senior Exercises Can Produce Restful Sleep!

Senior exercises and sound, restive sleep are intertwined.

Let’s preface that statement with a single word…regular. All exercise, in order to produce positive and noticeable results must be performed on a regular regimen.

Senior exercises are no exception!

The more active you are physically during the day, the more quickly you fall into a deep slumber at night! It’s a simple premise, but several variables affect the results!

Your body and mind travel through numerous sleep cycles and phases during the night.

Regular exercise has the potential to improve and moderate the transition between the different levels of slumber.

Did you know that studies indicate that it is important to maintain a steady expenditure of physical activity daily? Why?

Because it increases your capacity to deal with life’s stress and tension.

What a win-win tradeoff! You spend time exercising your body, and it gives back to you more serenity and peace of mind!

That’s a mouthful, but nevertheless it is true!

Have you ever laid in bed at night and simply couldn’t get to sleep? Tossing and turning you just could not turn off your thoughts. And by morning you felt as though you’d run a marathon during the night!

Here’s the answer to any sleepless problems! Instead of popping sleeping pills, increase your regular physical activity during the day.

Your goal is to stimulate the body during waking hours, by exercise, to deplete its energy resources by bedtime.

Research studies clearly prove that there is a direct correlation between the amount of regular exercise we practice, and the benefits we receive from doing it.

Here then are three guidelines to follow in order to gain maximum benefits from exercising!

• The most ideal times to exercise are in the late afternoon or early evening! Your goal is to expend most of your physical energy long before it is time to prepare for a night’s sleep.

• Make it your habit to work through an exercise routine at least three or four time a week.

Remember though, don’t subscribe to the maxim popular at professional gyms around the globe. Do not practice “no pain, no gain!”

Your objective is not to spend the day following your exercise periods being stiff and aching from exertion. Work into your self designed program slowly and easily.

• The goal of regular exercise is to increase your heart rate and strengthen the capacity of your lungs. Do it sensibly!

Regular exercise will help improve your overall health and well being. One side effect will be that you will notice a marked improvement in your emotional outlook on life.

Are you suffering from insomnia to any extent? You’ll find that aerobic exercise will help eliminate this from your life style very nicely.

Your goal then will be to elevate the quantity of oxygen that saturates your blood stream. Concentrate less on building muscle. There are numerous types of aerobic exercises for you to choose from.

Running, biking, using a treadmill, jumping rope, to name a few.

Dancing can also be a splendid aerobic exercise to increase your stamina. And by joining a local dance club you’ll make a lot of new friends as well.

Are you having problems with your joints being afflicted with aches and pains? Does it reduce your ability to participate in very active aerobic exercises?

There is an exercise that can help you. It was developed by Chinese monks centuries ago. It is called Tai Chi!

It is an ancient art of breathing and movement. The movements are slow and precise. This is perfect if you have painful joints.

Modern medical research has demonstrated that Tai Chi can effectively eliminate insomnia by promoting physical and mental relaxation.

Senior exercises should be practiced regularly and become a life style, and not a random event. Live long, and live well!

Senior exercises are a pathway to achieve this goal!