Where Are The Senior Citizens Job Opportunities?

Are There Really Senior Citizens Job Opportunities Out There?

Are you a senior, and have you convinced yourself that there aren't any more senior citizens job opportunities lurking in the underbrush these days, let alone walking down main street U.S.A.?

Do you subscribe to the notion that all the good jobs are now being grabbed up by smooth complexioned youngsters that don't remember a world with Ted Williams and Frank Sinatra in it doing their thing?

Wake up! Look around you. Sure the economy is in some pretty sorry straits, but this kind of down turn has happened numerous times throughout history and men and women have all survived it.

There are real, honest to goodness senior citizens job opportunities out there right now needing someone with your unique talents and skills to fill them.

Okay, you're right. Maybe you don't know where the senior job openings are. But they don't know where you are either and they're sure not going to come knocking on your door while you're watching TV soap operas.

You have to stand up straight and tell yourself your new mantra. I am proactive. Write it on a piece of paper and stick it on your refrigerator with one of those little magnet gizmos made for such things.

Don't just hang around the house waiting for the perfect job for you! Those days are gone for good, even if they ever existed.

You're now going to take charge of your personal search for senior citizens job opportunities, and make things happen. First, sit down at your table or desk, grab a tablet of paper and a pen and make a list of five topics.

Understand that you are now constructing your personal work sheet, and it is not available for public consumption. It's not a resume or a pitch for employment. This is your outline for a proactive battle plan to find the perfect senior citizens job opportunities for you.

Number them...

1.What kind of job do you really want. Don't list employment that you suspect is available. Write down what you really and truly want to do.

2.List the jobs that you've actually held during your life. Did you deliver newspapers as a kid? Write it down and decipher the skills needed later.

3.List the jobs you actually performed for past employers. If you cleaned floors, washed windows, ran machinery, waited on customers, kept records; list them, they are building blocks for your action plan.

4.How did your personal activities at each employer affect the overall operation of the business?

5.This is a tough one and it will require giving some clarity of thought. Why did you leave each job? If you were terminated, it would be best to be less than forthright.

You're not finished yet. Make a list of your hobbies. Don't laugh! Think about it. Do you like bowling or fishing? How about gardening? Can you imagine the skills you've amassed from these endeavors, let alone the factual knowledge related to them.

Are you a guy and do you do some of your automobile work yourself.

Think about all of this and then contact employers that would find your skills invaluable.

Most important! There are senior citizens job opportunities all over the landscape, new ones are seeing their first daylight every single day. But only go after the ones your actually would enjoy doing.

Be proactive! That means to take your hands out of your pockets, put on your traveling shoes and make things happen.

Nailing down senior citizen job opportunities for you personally...is your plan... and you are more than capable of getting it done.

After all is said and finished, isn't this really the way you want it to be?.