Retirement Jobs!

Retirement jobs are now a major part of many business planners. Seniors rank as one of this nation’s most valuable, natural resources and treasures.

They place right up on top of the value charts with gold, petroleum and that old standby timber.

As the population of seniors mushrooms dramatically, retirement communities are springing up all over the countryside and creating a major source of recruitment for retirement jobs.

Youngsters, people not yet fifty years of age, are under the impression that if anything happens in these communities it is done in painful slow motion.

Little do the uninitiated know that these concentrations of seniors are becoming virtual hothouses of activity.

A few of the usual pursuits in the typical retirement community are present, such as sports, recreation, practice of the arts, furthering personal education and hobbies, and the list goes on ad infinitum.

But there are other activities popping up in senior communities:

•Retired Physicians are learning carpentry.

•Former plumbers are studying the law.

•Housewives are becoming licensed accountants.

•Pensioned police officers are studying medicine.

•Past business owners are becoming politicians.

•Discharged military veterans are seeking employment.

What on earth ever happened to the classic picture of seniors sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs? And all the while napping the hours away as the years dwindle down to a precious few?

Seniors of the present are definitely not the elder citizens of times past. Retirement today from an occupation or career does not mean the end of goals or ambition.

Instead it only serves as the gateway to opportunities they have long put on hold and let simmer below the surface. The eyes of experienced and talented senior citizens are now fixed on acquiring retirement jobs.

The pool of latent talent and education has long existed in retirement neighborhoods and communities. But these basic skills multiply wonderously when the work and life experiences of the seniors are blended into the mix.

The results are a vast, mature, group of individuals possessing a strong work ethic tempered by education and experience.

In a nutshell…seniors are a valuable and very real natural resource.

And the realities of events now developing in the economics of the nation as a whole has ripened the mixture. This has brought about a change in the seniors’ mental outlook.

1.The labor force in the U. S. is aging, and experts estimate that as many as fifteen million plus jobs will become vacant through retirement in the next few years.

2.The existing labor force in the country is falling short of younger people entering the market to fill vacant positions, and this will increase as time goes on.

3.Social Security is becoming an endangered program.

4.All the above is forcing the labor market, and elder citizens, to look at each other with covetous eyes.

The situation is fortuitous for seniors. They have marketable skills and experience that are in need by businesses today and generate a ground swell of retirement jobs.

Because of the labor needs looming on the horizon by a resurging national economy, they can almost pick and choose where they want to work.

But they must polish their job search skills

The increase in health expenses is with us now. And there is no abating of medical costs in the foreseeable future. The present is a good time for seniors to consider hedging their income with a suitable employment position, either part or full time.

The future of Social Security and medicare are in jeopardy. This should add impetus to mature citizens to increase their work skills in any vocation they find attractive.

Seniors, the time is right…take advantage of it now and carve out for yourselves brand new retirement jobs!