Physical Fitness Made Simple

Senior physical fitness has become the yardstick today by which people measure the quality of their life.

The buzz word currently making the rounds of many weight training gyms is “no pain…no gain.”

Obviously, this means that in order to earn the maximum benefit from any exercise program one has to perform enough repetitions to stress a muscle to exhaustion.

Is that a fact? Is that the only way to do it? Has science established this protocol beyond the shadow of a doubt?

Is it true that if a physical fitness workout doesn’t create aches and soreness in your body then the exercises aren’t doing you any good?

Behold the real truth!

A moderate exercise program is the proven answer! If you are a senior citizen beyond the hallowed fifty year age, pain is not the threshold beyond which lies the utopia of physical fitness.

Modern, medical science has demonstrated that moderate physical exercise is the desirable criteria.

A regular regimen of physical exercise, practiced on a consistent schedule over an extended period of time will yield wonderous results.


Because each of us is the sum total of two very different ages of life. One is our chronological age, and the other is our biological age. The two of them very rarely coincide.

The first of our ages, the chronological one, is literally carved in stone. We have one single birth date apiece and it is unchanging.

The only action that will alter it is the burning, or loss of our birth certificate and the swearing to secrecy of all people who have ever seen it.

But the second age, the biological one offers each of us the opportunity to alter it. It lies within our personal authority to change it in any degree we wish.

We can cloak it by covering our outward appearance with an entire panorama of cosmetics, paints, plastics and padding.

Or we can mold it and literally reshape it by affecting its initial structure and performance.

The cosmetic approach will require only money and some trial and error. But the remolding of our true appearance will take effort, persistence and determination.

The effect of the latter approach will throw open the gateway to a marvelous new life style.

Have you ever met someone whose chronological age you knew, but were surprised, perhaps even amazed, at their physical appearance and conduct?

If you were asked to venture a guess about their calendar age you might be wrong by twenty or even thirty years.

This could be you in a relatively short period of time. Three simple steps will lead you there.

1. Select the weight you want to achieve and create the daily meals you need to eat to get you there. Be practical and realistic about it. Give yourself several months to attain it. Remember, you’re changing your life! Do some research on preparing meals and make it fun doing so!

2. Increase your activities each day. Walk around the block once in the morning if that’s all you can do, but do it everyday. Devote a half hour daily to your new physical fitness program. Make it simple and avoid anything painful.

3. Check your weight on the scale once a week, no more often than that.

Plan a simple program for your personal physical fitness. Follow it faithfully. Make it your new way of living. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else in the world. It’s your life…make it the way you want it to be.