A Job For Seniors!

Are you trying to pick out your own job for seniors? Is it for yourself?

Has the reeling economy frightened you?

Will your personal employment be the answer to your immediate problems?

To be honest with you! You aren't alone. The same fear is infecting your senior citizen neighbor next door, and your sixty year old friend down at the retirement center, and your old buddy in the bowling league, and your aging sister in Buffalo?

But the truth is...you have options! We all do. Too often, we seniors tend to feel betrayed by our government and think it left us to fend for ourselves at the mercy of an indifferent and panicking society at large.

Get rid of those thoughts!

You are no different than the forty old accountant that was cut loose by his business firm, or the thirty five year old new car salesman who is left to his own devices.

You are just years older than them, but you have a lot more going for you than they do. The majority of their experiences and talents and skills are still down the road in front of them.

But yours are spread out in a panorama behind you.

Glance back at your life. Now is the best of times for you to make the things you've learned over the years put you up in front of the increasing crowd or job seekers.

If you were to make a recording of all you have experienced, dealt with, learned from, overcame, and grown from, it would fill an entire shelf in any library.

Don't you really believe that from all of this knowledge and living you can find some things that would increase the performance and productivity of an employers business?

Are you aware that the sum total of all your hands on training and acquired talents and skills would be of great value to some in need employer?

My friend, there are rows and rows of wheelbarrow loads of gold nuggets kicking around in your head.

They are your personal building blocks. Grab hold of a few of them and shape them into that perfect job you have always been dreaming about.

It won't be as difficult as you think to accomplish.

I'll let you in on a valuable gem of knowledge and fact that should stir up the juices inside of your head.

Most vacant employment positions are not even advertised!

Whoa! What does this tell you?

It should inform you that there is little or no competition for these jobs outside of word of mouth.

Why? There are many reasons this is so.

Maybe the job opening has not even been defined as a need by the hiring manager yet. He knows that the need exists, but what should he call it?

You can stride right in and give him a definition. All you have to do is some advance homework.

We all know that the federal government in Washington has done a lot of work attempting to creat more jobs for you and me.

They've already taken their best shot, and now the rest is up to us.

Do you want to get yourself a job? Then turn off the TV and its nay sayers of doom and financial pain.

One of the new buzz words in business today is workplace restructuring! The short hand meaning of that phrase is very candid!

It infers that the identical jobs that once were passed down from generation to generation have been erased from the equation.

That means, that currently, millions of folks have been laid off from jobs that do not even exist anymore. Poof! What was once the old style workplace is no more.

But lo and behold! What has replaced the old way of holding down a job in perpetuity has been transformed into a brave new world.

The watchwords for the new rules of employee and employer engagement are now innovation and versatility...and oh yeah, multitasking.

Phew! In just a few words we have covered an entire overhaul in life style.

Picture this! A harried business owner is overworked and wishing for his fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and provide the perfect assistant for him.

Check out the company and inform him how much easier you can make his life, and earn him more profit as a byproduct.

What if you read an item in the newspaper, or see it on the TV news, about a company making substantial growth spurts.

That's your cue! What you have to do is keep your eyes open and your mind working.

Call companies, and inform them of all the things you can do for them. Let them know you will be stopping over tomorrow. Would the employment manager have a few miutes to learn how much you can do for him or her.

Remember when America was young and the western territories were a virgin, untapped wilderness?

All an industrious person had to do was pitch a tent, put down some stakes, register the deed and move in. Oh, they also had to have a dream!

Today's economic recession is painful, but temporary! There are still lots of jobs out there. But what is exciting, and would inspire any past pioneer moving west, are the opportunities opening up in the workplace today.

Seniors at this moment, are a virtual untapped natural resource.

Do you want to stake out your claim to some job for seniors at an employer of your choice?

What do you have to offer, you ask? All right, what type of job have you always wanted to excel at?

Over the years, wasn't there some germ of an idea for work that kicked around in your head? Did you always push it away as daydreaming?

Stop shying away from that dream! The only difference between a dream and reality is effort. It is now time for you to remove your limitations and begin thinking outside the box.

There are jobs out there waiting for you! Be creative and bold. It will happen.

Make a list of your skills and experience! Visualize what you can offer an employer of your choice.

Write your dream job down at the top of your list and then plan what you will say to an employer.

Keep in mind this fact. Many vacant jobs are not even advertised yet. They might not even exist outside an employers daydreaming.

Practice your presentation out loud in front of a mirror. Really work on this. Somewhere, some employer will listen to you and it will click what you can do for him.

Sure, you may get a few nays, but you only need one yes and your dream is then a reality.

Don't wait for things to happen!

Make things happen!

Don't stop, persist at it, and the dream of your job will become a reality.

Oh, by the way! Bring along the tent and a few wooden stakes.