The Internet Can be a Seniors Treasure Trove!

A seniors internet journey can produce treasures never before dreamed of by the individual. The computer itself is a mere physical machine made of wires, plastic and glass. No matter how cleverly it’s designed and constructed, it is still only a mechanical contrivance.

But the internet exists for the realm of the mind. Voyaging in it is an experience and adventure of the senses. It was designed and developed for the primary purpose of being a super highway of information.

Today it has far exceeded its designers’ intent.

Before you set sail off into cyberspace though, keep in mind that whatever you click on will open the doorway into your computer and life. Be just as careful with the sites you are tempted to explore as you are when inviting strangers into your home.

Don’t graciously offer your email address to every site that asks for it. If you pass out your electronic address as freely as you would a business card, the results may surprise you. Your computer’s inbox will be inundated with a flood of advertisements and nonsensical emails.

The following are a few suggestions that will help you to thwart some of the pirates and scalawags lurking along the electronic super highway.

1. Don’t even think about clicking on the internet before you firmly protect your computer with a good anti virus program. Norton and Mcafee are good choices. A virus infection in your travels can create problems to your computer that would be a nightmare.

2. Use caution when you decide to enter your name and email address in a site’s box to receive information. Be discriminating about this. It’s a common practice on the internet to trade, or sell, addresses to other webmasters.

3. Be careful when you decide to make a purchase on the internet. Before you write your credit card number in a box, make certain the site is secure and your number isn’t going to be transmitted to another location. Most reputable merchants protect their web sites with a secure screen. Read carefully the security statement on the site.

4. Email arriving at your inbox can be stopped in the future if you desire not to receive it anymore from the source sending it. At the bottom of the transmission should be a link to cancel delivery of it in the future. Use it!

The internet can be your portal to the information of the world. The sheer vastness of it is beyond words. You can transmit information and pictures almost instantly. Keep in touch with far away friends and look up long forgotten relatives.

Cyberspace is a new dimension that you never learned about in school. Classes on the use of computers and the internet are now available at most local colleges. They’re well worth looking into. You’ll be surprised at what the adept usage of the internet can do for you.

Seniors and boomers can use the internet to expand their lives. The treasures that cyberspace offers makes the trip worth the while. But, just as in any other trip you take in your life, you must learn the highways and byways between you and your destination.