The Seniors Life Is The Reward For Experience!

Retiree jobs and opportunities are as plentiful to find as sand on the seashore, if you know where and how to look!

The seniors life for people over fifty can be, and should be, rich with rewards and satisfaction.

The gleaming treasures are out there, they come packaged with the earnings and benefits produced from steady retiree endeavors and jobs that are beckoning.

Would you like to know where opportunities for retirees can be found?

Do you want to learn how, and where, to reap increased retirement satisfaction and rewards for yourself...even in the midst of the bleak financial climate we live in today?

Then you have come to the right place!

This website is about opportunities for senior citizens! Each page is designed to help seniors richly fulfill retirement plans, and live the seniors life they've always dreamed about.

Every page describes another aspect of the path that leads to acquiring, and even creating, one of those "Golden Age" lives for your very own.

Are you ready to claim that special "time of retirement" you've always dreamed about?

Then let's sound the trumpets to begin your personal search for opportunities for retirees right now!

Do you enjoy your life today as a senior citizen? Do you believe that the word reward accurately describes your own personal seniors life today?

It should be like getting a free seat on the fifty yard line of the NFL Super Bowl Game, or winning the Lottery, or receiving an unexpected income tax refund check from the IRS.

You should get up every morning with a heart and mind brimming over with joy and enthusiasm for the day stretching out before you.

This should be your experience every day because you have earned every bit of the rewards for the life you have lived. You deserve all the good things the world can give you!

These are your winnings for the years of life experience! And especially for your emerging the victor from all the hand to hand combat situations that life has thrown at you.

Seniors rank as one of this nation's most valuable natural resources and treasures. They place right up on top of the value charts with gold, silver and oil.

As the population of seniors mushrooms dramatically, retirement communities are springing up all over the countryside in almost every state of the union.

Youngsters, people not yet fifty years of age, are under the impression that if anything happens in these communities it is done in painful slow motion. Little do the uninitiated know that these concentrations of seniors are becoming virtual hot beds of activity.

A few of the usual pursuits in the typical retirement community are present, such as sports, recreation, practice of the arts, furthering personal education and hobbies, and the list goes on ad infinitum.

But seniors are now moving into the employment market place in growing numbers. Creating this activity is the fast growing effort of the business community to reach out and hire senior citizens.

The world is beckoning you to jump back into the fast moving stream of life and carve out a piece of joy and happiness for yourself.

Think of all the years you actually invested in living and shaping the world you now personally inhabit. Remember all the hardships, happiness, success, joys and love?

If you were to affix a score for your adventures in life, would the victories be emblazoned in big bold letters?

Too many seniors mope around and proclaim that they are too old, and no longer are as sharp mentally or physically limber as they once were.

They groan that all they can do now is spend their days watching old television movie reruns starring actors long gone, or thumbing through the photo albums of their own past lives.

Wake up! It's time to stand up and smell the flowers. Life hasn't passed them by...they have given up on life.

Think back now, can you recall when you were a child and the sheer adventure that was your life stretched out for an endless eternity before you?

What was the name of your first puppy or kitten? How about your inaugural coming of age entrance day at kindergarden and how terrified you were by the formidable school building.

Can you remember the day the neighbor bully called you a nasty word and you ran all the way home to tell your mom.

Now close your eyes and relive the comforting feeling you enjoyed when she wrapped her arms around you.

Do you recall how you felt when she lovingly assured you the neighbor kid was wrong, and he didn't know what he was talking about. Do you remember how protected you felt?

I have great news for you! Retirement today from an occupation or career does not mean the end of goals or ambition.

Instead, retirement only serves as the gateway to opportunities that people have long put on hold and allowed to simmer below the surface.

The joy of living is still out there! The magic of your seniors life is all around you like a cocoon. You just have to dig around a little deeper into the world to find it.

I will let you in on a secret that will knock your socks off! If you are a senior citizen, you are one of those natural resources and treasures that for too long have been ignored by business and society at large.

The pool of latent talent and education has long existed in retirement neighborhoods and communities. But these basic skills and knowledge multiply wondrously when the work and life experiences of the seniors are blended into the present mix of society.

The results are a vast, mature group of individuals possessing a strong work ethic tempered by education and experience.

Do you know who qualifies to be a senior? The general consensus is that anyone trudging through fifty years of living, transitions from middle age to membership in that very unique group! Let this be the definition then.

Mark Twain once wrote that: "Youth is wasted on the young." I hope you don't wholly subscribe to his words if you're a senior

Being young is a wonderful, emotional adventure, it's a time fraught with fears and doubts, and overshadowed by inexperience and hormones. But, when you acquire fifty years or more of living under your belt...the landscape changes!

What follows are called the "Golden Years," and for good reason they can and should be...

This web site is dedicated to all senior folk! It is compiled by all of us that are full fledged members of that group! Just like our lives, this site will be under constant research and revision.

Its purpose is to define and explore the answers to many of the questions that barrage the minds of all seniors. In the days ahead, many more pages will be added as the story expands and matures!

We'll cover all of seniorhood, if I may coin that word, in additional web pages in the coming months. As events alter the existing status quo, more material will be added and we'll discuss and try to explain it all.

We'll focus on seniors and how the world surrounding us affects our lives.

Check back often as time passes and the site grows. We live in an ever changing world! Not all coming events will be to the betterment of seniors. So let's learn about the changes together, and how we can use them to our advantage!

As we trudge along the path seeking answers, let's make it our goal to add a postscript to Mark Twain's words above...our statement will read: "The Seniors Life can be, and should be, the Golden Reward for experience!"

The seniors life, for all of us, is an ever changing event. It can be filled with all the dreams, adventures, relationships and events that we long for and desire. Or it can be a very sad, painful and ongoing tribulation.

In a nutshell, you as a senior, are a very valuable and very real natural resource. And, the realities of present day events developing in the economics of the nation as a whole has now changed the playing field for all senior citizens.

This shift in life has brought about a corresponding change in most seniors' mental outlook.

1. The labor force in the U.S. is aging, and experts estimate that as many as fifteen million plus jobs will become vacant through retirement in the next few years.

2. The existing labor force in the country is falling short of younger people entering the market to fill vacant positions, and this gap will increase dramatically as time goes on.

3. Social Security is becoming an endangered program.

4. All of the above is forcing the labor market and elder citizens to look at each other with covetous eyes.

As a senior citizen, you have marketable skills and experience. You are in a great position that can allow you, if you approach it wisely, to pick and choose where you want to seek employment.

Each of our worlds is an individual creation made for us personally. We can form our universe to be whatever we want it to be! Our building blocks are our dreams, individual emotions, attitudes, knowledge and interpretation of what surrounds us.

Let's agree to make it a wonderous and exciting adventure, filled with happiness, joy, health and financial independence. The result will be decided by you and me, and all of us that acclaim ourselves seniors...the outcome is ours to create. Let's do a good job!

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